Maths Lab

The Question that comes to our mind is “What is mathematics?”
Well the answer is , it is step by step reasoning from premises accepted to be correct.

Often people equate mathematics with arithmetic. Arithmetic is concerned with numbers. When considering the mathematics curriculum, many people focus on
computational skills and believe that they constitute the full set of competencies that students must have in mathematics. Traditionally, the major emphasis of the
mathematics curriculum has been to teach children arithmetic- how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and percentages. Mathematics involves more than computation. Teachers and other educators working together to improve mathematics education must explore a broader scope of mathematics. Mathematics should include experience that help students to shift their thinking about mathematics and define mathematics as a study of patterns and
relationships; a science and a way of thinking; an art, characterized by order and internal consistency; a language, using carefully defined terms and symbols; and a tool.

How to impart creative Education

Math demands a lot of discipline and hard work. To achieve this the first step is motivation.

It is not education to know what is learnt, learning to ask why, take them to new situations and developing the ability to innovate methods and theory. This what we want to develop in our students.
New approaches, new presentation and above all our own renewed interest in teaching the subject with a new zeal and enthusiasm.
Mathematics knowledge exerts on their tender minds an intolerable pressure. In order to minimize burden.
Activity brought the attention of students
For this purpose we have maths lab, where we used to take the children and perform activities which enables them to understand the math subject in a creative and thoughtful way.